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Junior Bed safety rail 1/2 / κρεβατάκι για μικρά παιδάκια

Junior Bed with safety rail 1/2  /  Παιδικό κρεβατάκι με μεγάλο προστατευτικό 1/2, κατασκευασμένο από μασίφ ξύλο πεύκου, πιστοποίησης FSC με σεβασμό στο δασικό πλούτο της ανθρωπότητας.Με βαφή νερού, 100% ΜΗ τοξική (ακόμη και εάν το παιδάκι το βάλει στο στόμα του!).Προσοχή στις απομιμήσεις.Διαθέτει τη Σκανδιναβική πιστοποίηση NORDIC Eco Label.

  • Για στρώμα: 70 Χ160 εκ., κατάλληλο ως το πρώτο κρεβατάκι του μικρού παιδιού μετά την κούνια.
  • Εξωτερικές διαστάσεις: 169 Χ 62 Χ 79 εκ.
  • Στιβαρή κατασκευή με πιστοποίηση TUV, σύμφωνο με τα αυστηρά Σκανδιναβικά πρότυπα.


PREMIUM Juniorbed, a great and beautiful bed, which provides the basis for all our available PREMIUM bed solutions.

PREMIUM Juniorbed is a simple sofabed with several different extension possibilities. This variant comes with a 1/2 safety rail.
The bed is Ecolabel-certified – your guanrantee that the bed meets or exceeds all EU regulations. The bed is delivered with slats, however there are a lot of additional choices. You can buy drawers for storage, a pull-out bed for extra space for sleepovers or several different types of safety rails according to your temperament. Our textile solutions can be added as well.
Furthermore, the bed is used as basis of many of our fancy highbeds. I.e. on the basis of PREMIUM juniorbed, you can build a halfhigh bed, a halfhigh bed with slide. And if you choose the size 90×200 cm, the possibilities are very extended. Then you can also extend the bed to midhigh, highbed, bunkbed and canopy bed. For example, you can buy a safety rail for the bed. There is also the possibility of buying drawers or a pull-out bed if you often need extra space for sleepovers. PREMIUM Juniorbed is a practical bed that can grow with the child and therefore be used in many years in the future.

The bed is Ecolabe-certified
The bed is TÜV certified
The bed is testet up to a max. load of 100 kg (1000 N)

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